Dom Homes


Dom Homes can help you:

  • Find a brand-new house that fits your needs. We can offer new houses in various areas around Northern England including Bradford, Leeds, Sheffield and Doncaster.
  • Reserve your chosen house now, before it’s too late!
  • Find a mortgage tailored to your personal and financial needs. Only having a 5% deposit to start with is realistically feasible.
  • Buy a house with the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme.
  • Deal with a mortgage application and other relevant paperwork.
  • Find the right insurance protection to keep you and your family safe from unexpected life events.

Help to Buy Scheme

Our Help to Buy Scheme aims to help first-time buyers purchase their new home. It makes owning a new home more cost-effective and allows you to be able to lower your mortgage monthly repayments.


  • You only need a 5% deposit.
  • You can receive an interest-free government loan: 20% of the property’s value. No repayments are required for the first five years. However, after you pay a low percent every month, together with your mortgage monthly repayments.
  • Paying 75% of the mortgage is easier to pay off, as monthly repayments are lower.
  • 100% of the house is completely yours!

For further enquiries please call Dom Homes on 01274 271671 or email us at, to book a free consultation.

Our advisers and interpreters will be more than happy to answer your questions and explain the whole process of finding and purchasing your new home.